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NEW: Google Places Updates

Just finished to speaking with my friend Brian Anderson of Offline Marketing Experts and as usual, he shared some cutting edge jewels. This is super new, real-time, live info on some Glossary Link Google Places developments (yesterday 12/05/11).

(GOOGLE, if you're listening: You need to get free reps to Charlotte NC ASAP! I can't tell you the number of people I've spoke to who basically ate the candy that came in their Places box... and promptly threw the rest away and forgot about it:( Many people here haven't grasped the importance yet. When they get here, please have a rep call me:)


1. There are now 4 "Places Technical Reps" calling on businesses in Kansas City to help bring "awareness about Google Places pages". They are not there to sell, but just to serve as a resource about why Google Places pages are good. Please respond if your city has reps also.

2.Reviews Google is going to begin advocating to businesses that they set up computers/workstations where clients can post live reviews in their place of business. There is no penalty for "same IP address" moving forward, assuming a "reasonable number". The technical Places sales rep indicated 10 or less per would be acceptable, and more if the business type warranted it. Google algorithm will flag more than 10 a day.

3. Multiple Listings (pending) If you get to a point of multiple listings, and they just seem to be pending, this technical Google Places manager confirmed our long-standing belief -- just start over in a new account.

4. Account Suspensions Once again, this technical Google Places manager confirmed that if you get your account suspended, it will NEVER get fixed. Just start over with a new account.

5. Google Reps This technical Google Places resource confirmed that Google has 4 reps in Kansas City and is rolling out similar resources elsewhere.(Again, please let us know if your city has G+ reps)

6. Facebook Fan Pages and Google Tie your Places Page into your Facebook Fan Page Do this by putting this link from your Google Places page in your actual Fan Page. The Google Places resource indicated it was a very good thing to do - and strongly recommended every business serious about Google Places do it. (example - screen shot below)

Google Place Link example

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