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Setting up Your New Facebook Timeline

Its finally here! And this time you don't have to experiment with programing (though many of us have in order to have early access)!? Today Facebook made Facebook Timeline available to all 800+ million of its users, no programming involved. If you didn't get a jump start, heres a few tips to get your Timeline stream ready. First, you have to activate the Timeline feature. To get the feature, users must go to the Timeline page and click "Get Timeline." Once you opt in you have seven days to play with your profile - approving, adding and deleting posts - before it goes public.

The "official" launch for everyboday whether you are in your seven day trial period or not is December 22. The most notable difference is the Cover picture which heads up your profile. This picture size is 851pix X 315pix (best optimized at 849 X 314 to take in to account the 1 pix borders).

Some things you can add to that wide open Cover space?

  • Your name of your business
  • Your Logo
  • Your slogan or tagline
  • Your URL/Web Address
  • Pictures of you
  • Pictures of your business, your products or your team
  • A Glossary Link QR Code

One other super cool feature to note is the option to Feature a post. You do this by hovering over the post you wish to feature and click the Star in the top right corner. By "Featuring" a post you enlarge the space that post covers making it full width, thus "Featuring" it.


*Take note though: Facebook specifically prohibits you using that space as an overt advertisment in its TOS.

Here's a few sites that offer free Timeline Covers if you don't want to or have time to create your own:


In a salute to my many passions (lack of time available time to work of graphics) here's a look a my latest cover

My Facebook Timeline


Below are screen shots from both of my Android phones. The Facebook app recently updated giving the app a more iPhone type look. For some reason the picture of the G2 came out fuzzy (the one on the bottom). Good to note that the apps are optimized to show the larger pictures also. As always, consider mobile:


 Timeline Mobile Shots Galaxy S      Timeline Mobile Shots G2







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