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Common Marketing/Internet Marketing/Advertising Terms

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Term Definition
Above the fold

The section of a webpage that is visible without scrolling.

Affiliate Marketing

Relates to a person marketing another person’s or company’s products or services. This is commonly done through either linking to a product or service on another website through the use of text links, banner ads or ad blocks.

Article Marketing

Article marketing is a means of Content Marketing; When a person creates content that is typically short in length, but still valuable; that pertains to their business or industry that they are in, these articles are then distributed to different websites, blogs and news organizations.

Augmented Reality

A term for a live direct or indirect view of a physical real-world environment whose elements are augmented by virtual computer-generated sensory input such as sound or graphics. Many smart phones have augmented reality apps that allow the end user to find a location or find out additional information about their immediate environment by pointing their camera at it and taking a photo or searching for a locale.


Business that sells products or provides services to other businesses


Business that sells products or provides services to end users

Banner ad

A graphical web advertising unit, with different widths and heights based on where the banner is being placed.


A Client program (software) that is used to look at various kinds of Internet resources. Firefox, Chome, Internet Explorer and Safari are all browsers.


A trendy word or phrase that is used more to impress than to explain.


The storage of web files for later re-use at a point more quickly accessed by the end user.


The process of clicking through an online advertisement to the advertiser’s destination.

Click-through rate(CTR)

The average number of click-throughs per hundred ad impressions, expressed as a percentage.

Content Marketing

Creating and sharing good quality content. The goal with this strategy is that when really important, valuable or engaging information is posted, it will be shared with others. That sharing can then lead to an increase of website traffic, followers and becoming an authority figure/expect in your industry.

Conversion rate

The percentage of visitors who take the desired action.


Information stored on a user’s computer by a website so preferences are remembered on future requests.

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